Crazy Joe Evo X

We totally get it. You want “the power of the Gods”– In your daily driver — Everyday — On PUMP GAS.

You want the car to be as docile as the day you bought it.Right? You neeeed this car to be feared at the local car meets. You need to stomp that v8 guy’s head in and make him respect imports. It’s your daily, so you can’t be afraid to drive on rainy days on your way to work right? You want to take your grandma with you while you are carrying tofu in the trunk on your way to church. She’s sitting in the backseat with the newborn baby strapped to the baby seat. Your wife is reading people magazine in the front seat and she’s babbling about what she wants for Christmas. But in your head, every turn on the highway reminds you of Laguna Seca. Every red light has you checking the next lane to see if the 2-step needs to be engaged. And every off-ramp needs to be tested to it’s limits. Welcome home. This thread is for you. This is why you bought an Evolution.

Joe’s not crazy after all. He’s an average guy who expects more out his project. The car has to rev like a bike to 9k rpm whenever he needs it to, and the air conditioning needs to be nice and chilly. He bought an AWD car for its traction advantage– he should get to use it whenever that pesky mustang takes the pole position next to him. (Silly mustang, stuck in the rear view mirror as soon as the car went to second gear) Joe doesn’t have an endless budget. He requires the combination selected to be cost effective, reliable, and downright nasty. Traction and et win races at the dragstrip, but that gut wrenching torque and horsepower is what effects the “feel” of the machine.



Applying this chart nets a car that day to day rocks!

Full weight (Spare,jack, complete factory interior). Street tires. 93 octane.– Exactly the way 98% of most guys drive around everyday. A little more traction and a little more weight out will easily put this car in the 10s,,, but for you Joe’s out there that are “not so crazy” this basic combo combined with the proper tuning and build strategy nets you just what you’ve been looking for!

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