@Especpower “Silverbullet X” 10.1@140mph

@Especpower’s “Silver Bullet X”

Taking some time to share some info on a car we built 2 years ago but finally decided to take to the track…

Pump gas,,,


Mods list… :wackoff:
E-Spec Industries Level 2 engine (Stock sleeves)
Custom 2000cc injectors — (These are spec’d for us for better driveability on pump)
Ets 6466 kit
Ets 4″ Intercooler
Stock intake manifold
Stock tb
Shep final drive
Stock t-case
Stock driveshaft
Stock rear diff
Stock axles
Stock struts with lowering springs

E-Spec Industries “Econo” small brake upgrade

Driven Fab catch can

6 10 second passes that day,,,

Best et so far– 10.5@135… 30 psi and me going a little soft behind the wheel to keep the drivetrain in one piece.

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